Our Cultural Wellbeing activities include - recreation and leisure projects and work that develops the creative arts, welsh heritage and welsh language.

Wales has a distinctive and rich culture with its own language, customs, festivals and music.

Protecting and promoting culture, heritage and the Welsh language is essential to retaining the cultural well-being that lies at the heart of a healthy society and keeps communities vibrant and viable. Celebrating our past and linking it to who we are today, creates a sense of place, of belonging and pride which when underpinned with participation in recreational, creative and cultural activities improves everyone’s social, physical and mental health well-being.

Côr Bach

Supported by funding from the John Andrews Trust, we worked with Ysgol hafod lon, an sen school in Gwynedd, to establish a choir of local children, young people, their families and support workers. Read more


Our Celtic Heritage & Culture education programme is delivered across North Wales and the border counties. Read more