Our Social Well-Being activities include -early years programmes, emotional health & well-being and healthy lifestyles projects; work tackling adverse childhood experiences and young offending in addition to working to stop fuel food and furniture poverty.

The impact of living in poverty manifests in multiple ways from educational attainment, to poorer physical and mental health and in children a greater risk of experiencing adverse childhood experiences.

Around 23% of householders in Wales live in relative income poverty, and spend over 10% of their income on energy bills. Most of these households include a child, older person, or someone who is disabled or has a long term illness. 29% of children in Wales live in relative income poverty.


Green Doctor - Elwyn

Elwyn lives on a limited income, in a three-bedroom house with his wife. He was keen to speak to the Green Doctors about bringing the cost of his energy bills down as they were struggling to afford to keep warm. Read more

Fuel Efficient Families

Funded by Scottish Power Energy People Trust, our Fuel Efficient Families programme was designed to target rural fuel poverty by exploring domestic energy usage and the ways in which it can be minimised using a whole family approach. Read more

Holiday Club - Rudi

Firmly anchored in the outdoors, our Holiday Club connects children with the natural environment, affording children the experience of free play with both physical and educational environmental activities. Read more