Our Economic Wellbeing activities include - education programmes , developing skills and training, economic activity plus employment and business support.

Poverty in wales is higher than the UK average with 23% of people struggling to make ends meet.

There are growing levels of worklessness and underemployment, with some people in work who are just about managing or who are struggling to make ends meet. Educational attainment in Wales is also lower especially for the younger generation from poorer communities. Low educational attainment can lead to worklessness, unemployment, unhealthy lifestyles and stress related illnesses, becoming a self-perpetuating cycle for those living in the poorest communities. The likelihood and risk of children having adverse childhood experiences leading to anti-social behaviour, poor educational attainment and potentially crime, being an unwanted outcome of that cycle.

Task Team - Jordan

Jordan was part of the Task Team group who helped develop a play area for the children at Sparkles Nursery in Caia Park, Wrexham. Read more

Green Team and Green Team Plus

We developed green team in partnership with Flintshire County Council (as part of Flintshire County Council’s Welsh government funded, vibrant and viable places programme). Read more